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Special Projects

Post Hurricane Sandy Site Safety Emergency:

Robert "Safety Bob" Layman was called in to assist our client in Manhattan's Wall Street area.  Several buildings sustaining damage needed Site Specific Safety Plans and continuous Site Inspections as emergency crews came in to dry out and repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  

National Safety & Training Solutions LLC spent 2 1/2 weeks in New York addressing safety needs including on site safety training.  Our client, a Restoration firm, began restoration work immediately after the fierce hurricane made her way through the North East.   Since that time they have over 30 properties in stages of restoration across Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey, calling upon our safety expertise to ensure safe working conditions.  

OSHA has come to inspect several properties for compliance and check for violations and to this date, the job sites have not received any citations.  The OSHA inspections have discovered that potential risks and safety hazards have been addressed though Site Specific Safety Plans and action taken by workers, to work safely as instructed by Robert "Safety Bob" Layman and National Safety & Training Solutions, LLC.

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