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​Real life Dos and Don’ts brought to you by National Safety & Training Solutions, LLC

So many DON’TS, so little time. This made the news and fortunately had a happy ending.

Don’t forget to determine if the ground conditions can support the weight of the equipment over the entire length of the project! 
Don’t forget to wear your life vest and have your life ring available when working near water!
Don’t work on a 50 ton + piece of equipment without proper training!

An employee of a large construction company was operating a 50 ton track hoe for a canal project. The hoe tipped over into the dredged waterway. Now they realize that he was not trained to operate this equipment, and he could not swim. When other workers were able to get to him he was in full cardiac arrest. They performed CPR for 40 minutes while waiting for EMS, which was taught to them by Robert “Safety Bob? Layman. He survived.

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Safety Dos and Don'ts

Track Hoe Accident
Track Hoe fell from unstable ground
  • Do train your workers in CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Do train your workers in Heavy Equipment Safety and Operations