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Our Client Testimonials

To Scott LeVora and Stefanie Lomax
Rolyn Companies, Inc.
5706 Frederick Ave. 
Rockville, MD 20852

I am writing about Bob Layman of National Safety and Training Solutions' 
participation on the 510 Madison Avenue project in New York City.

Bob’s professional expertise was greatly appreciated and helpful in the success of this project. He wrote our Site Safety Plan and instructed my staff about the job hazard assessments.

His many inspections of the site gave the 80 plus laborers the security that their best interest was being taken into account. While we had some infractions of the rules they were minor due to his diligence in training, informing of the Rolyn Staff.
He was very instrumental by coordinating SCBA training for ozone treatment of the building of the Rolyn staff, Degmor staff and Tishman’s staff which resulted in building a relationship of trust among the three different contractors.
It has been the best safety experience that I have had over the past seven years with Rolyn.
He has been a pleasure to work with and I recommend his services to anyone.

Michael Rabil
Sr. Production supervisor
Rolyn Companies, Inc.
2850 Ansol Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Martin's Story,

Back in 2003 I was contemplating a career change. I’d being in the health care field since graduating 
from college. From patient care to management and administration I did it all. At the end of 2004 I 
took a leap of faith and made the transition. I started working for an international company as an 
Advanced Safety Driving Instructor. Shortly after I realized that safety & health was what I wanted 
to do. For once, I was proactive. I always took care of people after the fact, whether injuries or 
illnesses it was always after the damage was already done.Now I could help people by persuading 
them to be safe…

In 2005 I came across Mr. Robert Layman aka Safety Bob. After talking to him it was evident, Safety Bob had something to offer me. I will always remember what he said to me one day, “two years under my wings and you will be a Safety Professional?. Actually I worked with him for three years. 

Indeed Safety Bob is a wealth of knowledge. From proper training techniques to changing habits, he taught me all. And all those OSHA and DOT regulations that are impregnated in his mind he taught me as well. He always encouraged me to take safety classes, certifications and the like. 

Well, today I am a Safety Professional. Currently, I’m responsible for the safety & health of over 350 employees and 10 branches spread through out Florida. I’m still adding to my credentials and constantly learning but I could not imagine being in this position today without the help and support of Safety Bob. There are many safety training companies out there but I can guarantee you none will make the impact as Safety Bob can. To this day I continue to use many of the same techniques he taught me. And it is because of them the number of workers compensation claims and the severity of them have diminished in our company. I’m changing habits and creating a new safety culture in our company…do you want the same with your company? Then call National Safety & Training Solutions 

Ginn Golf was a company that had no formal safety or training programs for our employees or management. 

Bob and his group implemented an invaluable system of training and safety tools that improved the work quality and safety of our construction crews.  

Bob increased the level of safety awareness of our managers to be better able to manage the daily risks associated with the construction industry which proved to be an instrumental part of insurance premium reductions achieved for the Company.

Jim Bradley VP CFO

Bob was responsible for all aspects of training, development, and facilitation of safety processes and procedures as well as managing the workers compensation/general liability programs for more than 500 employees in our various sites located throughout the southeast.

Bob would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.
Irma J. Pinero
Director Human Resources, The Ginn Company
​Madison Avenue New York, NY
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