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In 2009 Robert "Safety Bob" Layman and his wife, Rachel founded National Safety & Training Solutions, LLC to help your business with all of your safety needs. We stay up to date on rules and regulations and we truly have your needs and the needs of your employees at heart. We are available 24 hours a day for a consultation, even in an emergency, for both new and existing clients.

A Personal Anecdote:

Early in his Florida safety training career, Robert "Safety Bob", as a new safety officer, experienced the repercussions and trauma of a very sad accident which happened to a co-worker. The workers body was severed at the hips when he was hit from behind while working on a roadside and standing behind his work truck. The worker and his team had put out safety cones indicating to traffic that they were working.  They were also wearing safety vests. A person driving a car did not notice the worker standing behind the work truck, they were speeding and not paying attention and drove into him.
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About Florida OSHA Training

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Bob was called out to investigate the accident and worked with OSHA on the investigation.  It was his responsibly as the new Florida OSHA trained safety officer to speak with the family and stay in touch regarding the injuries to his fellow employee. The experience left Bob with sadness and sorrow; however this experience was the catalyst for his compassion for workers, their families and companies in need of valuable and current safety practices in place to prevent such horrible accidents and injuries. From this accident Bob was able to implement strategies and provide effective training so that no other workers would be injured in this manner.

Bob is a professional with passionate beliefs that employees and workers deserve a safe work environment and that companies should provide financial resources, tools and equipment, and effective training for employees, which in turn provides and fosters a safe work culture for everyone. 

Employees who work safe equate to Owners and CFOs that will spend less money on accidents and incidents, which in turn keeps insurance costs down and subsequently reduces the chances that OSHA violations or injuries will occur.

Let us provide you with a written job-site, workplace and environmental safety assessment and plan to help you and your employees identify hazards and establish a "work safe" environment.  With such a plan in place, you will be prepared if an OSHA Compliance Officer audits your facility, but more importantly it could save a life or limb.

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"OSHA Instructor possessed exceptional knowledge and relevant experience. Super presentation methods and effective training on up to date compliance requirements."

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